Life Lessons from a 5th Grader

May 4, 2009

We were inspired by this post by Scott Williams that talks about life lessons his son had learned. We thought what life lessons have we learned in our 10 to 12 years of living?

Never give your mom and dad the stupid look.
Never ditch homework no matter how dumb it is.
Life is like a roller coaster, you have your good days and bad days.
Watch your mouth cause could get you in trouble.

Don’t put a rubber band on a kitchen sprayer on a Sunday morning before church.
Don’t shove your clothes in drawers after your mom has folded them.
Always be nice to the people around you even if they are mean to you.
Always ask for help if your having trouble.

Have confidence when you read.
You don’t have to reread something unless you really don’t understand it.
Don’t play with the knobs on the oven or your kitchen could catch on fire.

Never shoot your uncle with a water gun, unless your super fast.
Never throw a water balloon at your sunday school teacher.
Never put a metal fork in the microwave.
Never eat popcorn while your teacher is throwing tape.
Don’t exchange toothpaste for shampoo.

Never break a pen on school pants.
Never yell at your parents, it’s never pretty.
Don’t believe everything your friends say.
Do not wake up your 8 year old sister.
Never be a bad sport, or you’ll have to run laps.

Always finish your homework.
Never talk back to adult.
When you get into a fight with a friend try to settle it and not make it worse.
Never make your teacher angry.
Make sure the button on the sprayer is off before you turn on the sink.

When a sibling annoys you go to your room.
When your in trouble, don’t talk about the issue and your parents will forget.
When your in trouble close to a holiday say “Oh but it’s a holiday”.
Don’t leave the sink on.
Don’t be mean to your older brother right before bedtime.
Never accept anything from you older brother if he likes pranks.

Make sure you tell someone if you kink the hose.
Never lie, it’s not worth it.
Don’t argue with adults, you’ll never win.
Do your homework and you can get good grades.
Do what your parents say.
You will be happy if you behave and you might get a reward.

Never pull a prank on your sister and her friend when they are sleeping.
Never be disrespectful to an elder.
Even if your angry it doesn’t mean you can punch your sister in the stomach.
Don’t talk back to your parents.
Never make your sisters really mad because they will punch you.
Never sprint down a hill full speed.

Don’t stick the cat in your little brothers shirt.
Don’t scratch peoples cars.
Don’t try to do bicycles in soccer unless you know how to.
Don’t try flips on concrete.

Stay away from my little cousin who is four when she has a Lego piece called a Uha (you-ha).

Whenever you get angry scream at your pillow.
Don’t break your sisters leg on a trampoline.
Do your homework, even if you hate it.
Don’t get bitten by a hamster, it’s bloody.
Ride roller-coasters.
Don’t take the parking brake off of a golf cart that’s sitting on top of a hill.
Get your sister breakfast in the morning.

What have you learned in all your years of living?


To End With

April 22, 2009

The Dynamic Wonders have found out through extensive research that it is a common myth in the english language that you can’t end a sentence with a preposisiton. In the Latin language it is not acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition, however in both American and British English you are allowed. You can end a sentence with a preposition when the preposition is critical to the meaning of the sentence. The Grammar Girl gives this example

You can’t say, “What did you step?” You need to say, “What did you step on?” to make a grammatical sentence.

We think that is a perfect note to end on. 🙂

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Wordle Poems

April 16, 2009

We have created some wonderful Wordle Poems using our core virtues as our inspiration! This was our first time using what do you think?